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After a unfortunate and unsatisfactory dental experience, my dentist recommended to get Pinhas Adar, from Adar Dental Network involved.  I showed him numerous pictures and "drilled" him with endless questions.  He never showed frustration or impatience with me.  He was a dream to work with!  The end result is the bright white beautiful smile that I had wanted! I will be forever grateful to Pinhas for going above and beyond to give me the smile I've always dreamed of."

~Amanda C.


How Will You Find The Right Dentist
To Replace YOUR Missing Teeth?

Choosing a dentist is hard. Some claim to be the best…or they have the latest equipment…or they work on famous people…and it’s easy to get mesmerized by these distractions.

As an informed consumer you will make the best decision. You don’t need a four-year degree in Dentistry, but you do need to know some facts before replacing missing teeth.

Other than finding a dentist whose priority is your oral health, the beauty, function, and feel of the replacement teeth are essential to you satisfaction. Where and how those teeth are made is a critical decision your dentist makes.

Dentists have options. They can choose from a variety of materials and processes, based on their personal preferences and diagnosis.

Unfortunately, dentists also base their decision on the price of the dental laboratory doing the work, and the best prices come from China. Whether they know it or not, their lab may be using offshore labs to cut their costs.

This is never an issue for member dentists of the Adar Dental Network (ADN).

They prescribe laboratory products designed by the world’s preeminent Master Dental Laboratory Technician, Pinhas Adar.

While that doesn’t mean anything to you now, you’ll never forget it once your teeth are restored with these products. You’ll be overjoyed with the look and feel of your new teeth. Plus you’ll know that the world’s most sought after Technician inspired the process.

Pinhas travels the world teaching and training dentists and technicians. His mission is to elevate the practice of Dentistry, so patients have access to superior treatment with healthy and natural outcomes.

The dentists of the Adar Dental Network is where you will experience this high level of patient-focused care.

The step for you to take right now is to find your nearest ADN dentist. Contact us and we’ll send you a list of ADN dentists.

Information makes you an informed consumer, and we encourage you to do your own research.

Once you fill out the form below, you will have access to our Frequently Asked Questions page, upcoming videos and more.  We will give you plenty of information to help you with your Dental decisions.

Call us now to find your ADN dentist (770) 980-9386 or (800) 510-9286 or fill out our form below.

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